Good Japan Home Shirts in 2014&2016

Japan national team is one of the most successful football teams in Asia. It has qualified for the last six consecutive FIFA World Cups. Recently, the team has been known or nicknamed as the “Samurai Blue”. A lot of fans give enthusiastic support to the team by wearing the same Japan football shirts.

Well-designed Japan Home Shirt 2014 is the traditional Samurai blue. There is the logo of Japan Football Association(JFA) on the left, surrounded by 11 white stripes, on behalf of the different players running to everywhere of the football field after they form the circle. In addition, the socks are also designed with 11 lines. The stripe on the back of the shirt and the cuffs are pink.

This pink stripe on the back symbolizes the deep connection between players and fans, as well as a strong desire to win. When team players form a circle, these stripes will form a large circle, too, showing the design theme “Round (円陣)”.

Japan Home Shirt 2016 was unveiled on November, 12th, 2015. “青の‘調和’(Harmonious Blue)” is the design theme, thus the main color of the shirt becomes blue. Furthermore, the color is deeper than those of previous shirts. Eleven different horizontal blue stripes represent 11 players on the football field, and these players who have different personalities form a strong and united team. The red line, through the middle of blue stripes, represents not only the loyal fans, but also the 12th players on the football field.


Japan Classic Football Shirt

As a sovereign island nation in East Asia, Japan locates in the Pacific Ocean. Off the eastern coast of the Asian mainland, it spans from the Sea of Okhotsk in the north to the East China Sea and Taiwan in the southwest.

Japan national football team ranks at the top list of excellent football teams in Asia by extraordinary ability and skillful experiences. The commemorative Shirt in 1994 is predominately blue, decorated with simplified red patterns and irregular white stripes on the front and shoulders. Similar to front, the back of of the commemorative shirt is printed with white and red decorative patterns. The Japan football shirt is sought after at home and abroad.

Retro home shirt published in 1998 is a classic football shirt in the memory of great achievements have been achieved in the past decades. Hollow and outlined flames are knitted on shoulders. Brand and shirt badge of bird are printed on upper right and upper left respectively. Not only football shirt in 1994, but also football shirt in 1998 are classic football shirts popular among loyal fans of Japan national football team.